My Top 20 New Rock Songs of 2012

As we close 2012, it is once again time for my annual countdown of the Top 20 New Rock Songs as voted on by me.

I had the privilege to see some of these artists LIVE and hope to see some of them, as well as others in 2013.

Without further delay, I present you with the “List” 🙂

  1. “Sorry” – Art of Dying
  2. “Enemy Inside” – Egypt Central
  3. “Reach” – Eve To Adam
  4. “Halo” – Evans Blue
  5. “Thick As Thieves” – Cavo
  6. “Sick And Twisted Affair” – My Darkest Days
  7. “Stand Up” – All That Remains
  8. “Bitter End” – The Veer Union
  9. “The Waiting One” – All That Remains
  10. “Conquer Them All” – Lansdowne
  11. “Bring It” – Trapt
  12. “Bones” – Young Guns
  13. “Beyond The Stars” – Evans Blue
  14. “Gone Soverign/Absolute Zero” – Stone Sour
  15. “Temper Temper” – Bullet For My Valentine
  16. “Bringing Down The Giant” – Saving Abel
  17. “Something New” – Rev Theory
  18. “Infected” – 12 Stones
  19. “Let The Sparks Fly” – Thousand Foot Krutch
  20. “Whore” – In This Moment
Choice for Record of The Year – Evans Blue “Graveyard of Empires”

Please be sure to comment, see you in 2013… Rock On! 🙂


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